Immigration & Migrant Crisis Resources

Immigration & Migrant Crisis
Action Steps

Armchair Activities

Financial Activities

(i.e. put your money where your mouth is!)

There are many great organizations working on this issue that require your financial assistance. Here are a couple ways to contribute financially:

  • National Justice for our Neighbors, A UMC ministry helping fund legal aid and advocacy for people immigrating to the US.
  • The Inn Project is a ministry of the Desert Southwest Conference of the UMC giving families a place to live after coming out of immigration detention centers.

Action Activities

  • Attend local protests and rallies. Keep your ears and eyes open for local actions in which the church is participating. Pastor Ryan and other church members are regulars at local rallies and protests.
  • Diversify your dinner table. Expand your circle of friends and seek out new friendships with people who do not look like you.
  • Vote! When the time comes vote for immigration policies that are in line with our Gospel values. Vote for politicians that best represent those same values of love and compassion.
  • Have a civil conversation with someone who doesn’t agree with you. Don’t get in an argument but stand up for your beliefs and let them know that family separation and detention of migrants is wrong. You will likely not change their mind, but they will better understand that not all people think the way they do.
  • Participate with the Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice. They organize protests and actions with people of various faith backgrounds to stand up for immigrant justice here in Oregon.

Prayerful Action

Immigration Prayer

United Church of Christ

Creator God,
open our eyes so we can see you in the eyes of our immigrant brothers and sisters,
eyes downcast for having lived so long in the shadows,
eyes challenging us to join them in the streets or picket lines,
eyes lifted looking for the Christ light in us.
Compassionate God, who has come to dwell among us,
open our ears to hear the cries of your children,
children being separated from their parents,
rounded up in raids, led to detention centers, silently giving up dreams.
God of Justice, who crosses all boundaries,
give us courage to resist, to say NO
to unfair labor practices, to unjust laws
Give us the strength to stand with and for
your inclusive love, faith to believe,
another world is necessary and possible.
Let it begin with us. Amen